Tourism in SJC

Photo by Glenn HastingsWhy Develop Tourism?

Tourism is one of St. Johns County’s (SJC) primary economic engines. But you don’t have to own a tourism business or even be employed directly in the county’s tourism industry to benefit from the money visitors spend while they are here.

Continuing to develop Tourism in St. Johns County benefits everyone and tourism in St. Johns County continues to grow. Visitors were spending approximately $712 million in St. Johns County annually ten plus years ago. This past year (July 2021 to June 2022) visitors spent approximately $2.4 billion in St. Johns County, according to a study done by Downs & St. Germain Research. Those visitor expenditures supported more than 30,000 jobs in the area.

Tourist Development Tax Revenue, levied on overnight stays of less than six months, are utilized to support the 42 miles of white sandy beaches in SJC by providing funding support for beach cleanups, dune walkover repairs, beachside park improvements, boat ramp maintenance and beach renourishment projects in St. Johns County.

Been to a concert at the Amphitheatre? A festival in your neighborhood? A historic reenactment? How about a performance by one of our local professional theatre groups, the community opera, orchestra, or community chorus? The revenue generated by visitors to St. Johns County also help to financially support these programs which are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Visitors, not residents, even pay for the county’s advertising and promotional efforts to entice visitors to come back again. All of the County’s tourist development programs are paid for by tourist.

Tourism is one of St. Johns County's primary economic engines.

Visitors are spending approximately $2.4 billion in St. Johns County annually.

Revenue generated by visitors help financially support programs and attractions which are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.