Long Range Planning

The Role of Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning Division serves as the professional planning staff in preparing, and maintaining the County's Comprehensive Plan and is instrumental in implementing studies, programs, and projects required by the Comprehensive Plan.

Long range planning allows the County to look into its future and plan for its population, job, infrastructure, social, and cultural growth based upon community visions, population projections, past development trends, and State growth management rules specific to Florida. An important part of long range planning is assessing what we have done in the past and determining success or failure and how to proceed.

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2025 Comprehensive Plan
The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to effectively manage growth and development by designating areas of anticipated future development which satisfy demand where feasible, in a cost-efficient and environmentally acceptable manner. Ordinance 2010-38   |   2025 Comprehensive Plan   |   2025 Map Series

Land Development Code
The Land Development Code contains the land development regulations required by the St. Johns County Comprehensive Plan. Land Development Code   |   Proposed Amendments

Ponte Vedra Zoning Code
Contains the zoning regulations for properties located within the Ponte Vedra Zoning District.
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