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Welcome to the GIS Map Mart, a free, printable collection of our maps. The St. Johns County GIS Division prepares a variety of maps to support informed decision-making by county staff, agencies, businesses, and the public. These maps illustrate complex spatial analysis and GIS overlays, while portraying St. Johns County's intricate surroundings, communities, environment, and infrastructure. We are pleased to make these maps readily available to St. Johns County's citizens and businesses. The GIS Division can also print these maps for you in a variety of sizes or copy them to a CD for a small fee.

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Popular Maps

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St. Johns County St. Johns County

A general map of the county showing the cities and major roads.
May 15, 2019

8½" x 11"  |  2.2MB PDF  View / Save Map

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24" x 36"  |  5.4MB PDF  View / Save Map

Board of County Commissioners Board of County Commissioners

This map shows the Board of County Commissioner Districts in the county with contact info of the current County Commissioners.

December 28, 2020  |   8½" x 11"   |   865K PDF

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County Complex Map
County Complex

This map depicts the St. Johns County Government Complex, with buildings, offices and parking zones labeled.

February 18, 2015   |   8½" x 11"   |   490K PDF

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Road Atlas Road Atlas

The 2019 Edition of the Road Atlas contains 130+ color map pages along with a street index. To view/print individual pages, visit the Road Atlas Page.

June 12, 2020   |   8½" x 11"   |   24MB PDF 

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Comprehensive Plan Map 1 – Future Land Use
Comp Plan Map 1 – Future Land Use

July 12, 2021   |   24" x 36"   |   5.32MB PDF

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Countywide Zoning Countywide Zoning

This map depicts zoning for unincorporated lands in St. Johns County.

July 12, 2021   |   24" x 36"   |   3.8MB PDF

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Flood Hazard Map Flood Hazard Map

This map shows FEMA flood zones within St Johns County.

December 7, 2018   |   24" x 36"   |   7.2MB PDF

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Residential Building Permits Residential Building Permits

This map shows residential building permits issued in 2020.

January 6, 2021  

8½" x 11"  |  1423KB PDF  View / Save Map

24" x 36"  |  2.7MB PDF  View / Save Map

Recreation Parks, Sites & Venues Recreation Parks, Sites & Venues

There are numerous City, County, State, and Federal recreation sites that are found within St. Johns County. This useful map shows the locations of them all.

April 17, 2018   |  8½" x 11"   |  1.1MB PDF

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Countywide Beach Access Points Countywide Beach Access Points

August 23, 2018   |   24" x 36"   |   3.2MB PDF

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School Locations School Locations

Location map for all public schools within St. Johns County for the 2020-2021 school year.

462K PDF

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Surface Water Basins & Terrain Surface Water Basins & Terrain

This map shows the surface water basins and surface terrain elevations within St. Johns County.

August 2, 2006   |   24" x 36"   |   2.5MB PDF

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Utility Service Areas Utility Service Areas

This map depicts the water and wastewater public and private utility service areas within St. Johns County. This map is designed by the St. Johns County Utility Department.

March 5, 2018    |   24" x 36"   |  4.2MB PDF 

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2004 Land Cover
2014 Land Cover

This map depicts the land cover in 2014. Data is provided by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

July 10, 2020   |   24" x 36"   |   8MB PDF 

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Davis Park Davis Park

This map of Davis Park, a regional park in northeast St. Johns County, depicts the many recreational facilities available there.

April 7, 2010   |   8½" x 11"   |   1MB PDF 

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