GIS Addressing

GIS Addressing is responsible for assigning addresses for residential and commercial construction as well as naming new roads and renaming existing roads in St. Johns County, Florida.

The Road Name Index lists the official names of existing and reserved roadways of St. Johns County in alphabetical order. Click the link below to view the Road Name Index in PDF format, which is updated on a regular basis. The reserved road names are shown in parentheses and italic font to differentiate them from the existing road names.

Road Name Index     |     Roadway Types
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Utility Address Request

Use the Utility Address Request survey tool to request an address for a utility feature such as a cabinet, meter, power pole, small cell antenna, or lift station. Utility Address Request (

Road Naming Petition Process

Petitions to rename existing roadways or name unnamed roadways may be submitted by any property owner abutting the roadway, the owner of the roadway, or the County Administrator.

Step 1 – To begin the Petition process, the applicant should submit the following to GIS Addressing:

  • Applicant's Name
  • Applicant's Mailing Address (including City, State, and Zip Code)
  • Applicant's Phone Number
  • The current road name along with the suggested new road name or names if the Petition is to rename an existing roadway
  • A map of the roadway's location along with the suggested new road name or names if the Petition is to name an unnamed roadway.

The submitted road name(s) must comply with the requirements as outlined in the Land Development Code, Section 6.02.03 (B) and may not duplicate any existing road name listed in the Road Name Index.

Step 2 –  Upon approval of the suggested road name, GIS Addressing will create a Petition, which includes a map of the roadway being named or renamed along with a list of property owners abutting the roadway or owning the roadway.

Step 3 –  It is then the applicant's responsibility to obtain signatures from at least 51% of the property owners agreeing to the road naming or renaming (including 51% of the roadway owners if the roadway is privately owned) on the Petition.

A property owner should sign the Petition each time their name appears on the Petition.

If it is necessary, the applicant may mail, fax, or e-mail a copy of the Petition form to property owners who live out of town. The property owner must then mail the Petition back to the applicant with the original signature(s).

Step 4 –  Once the required signatures are collected, the Petition should be returned to GIS Addressing.

Step 5 –  The Petition will be reviewed by all applicable departments for compliance with the Land Development Code.

Step 6 –  When the review is completed and the Petition is found to be in compliance with the Land Development Code, notice letters will be sent out to each property owner.

Step 7 –  Property owners are given 15 days to respond to the notice. If there are no responses in opposition received, the road name change is forwarded to the County Administrator or his designee for action.

Step 8 –  If there is written opposition received within 15 days, a hearing is scheduled before the Board of County Commissioners. At that hearing, the merits of the road naming / renaming are presented for the Board of County Commissioners' consideration to either approve or deny the Petition for the roadway name.