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The St. Johns County Fire Rescue, "Ancient City Heart Beat", provides a free online Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Registry. This Registry is to provide support for AED owners on how to properly manage, maintain and provide training for their AEDs.

St. Johns County Fire Rescue, along with Florida Statues, strongly encourages training on the equipment and notification to our office of the location of AED devices. AED acquired for workplaces, homes, schools, places of worship and business establishments are a wise investment to the community.

Please print the AED Registration Form and either fax it to (904) 209-1783, or scan and email it to


While Florida's Cardiac Arrest Survival Act (FS 768.1325) provides immunity for Good Samaritans using an AED, this immunity can be jeopardized by not properly maintaining the device. Proper maintenance includes changing electrode pads and batteries prior to the expiration dates.

The St. Johns County Fire Rescue's AED registry will provide you email reminders to periodically check your device to ensure it's in working order.


In addition, by registering your AED, dispatchers will be provided AED location data which enables dispatchers to communicate the locations of registered AEDs to callers reporting potential sudden cardiac arrest incidents. This allows dispatchers to see the precise locations of registered AEDs near a sudden cardiac arrest victim. This lifesaving information can be immediately shared with the caller.

More Information

For more information about our AED Registry, please contact St. Johns County Fire Rescue's AED program manager, email or call (904) 209-1733.

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