Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Services


The Fire Prevention Section of St. Johns County Fire Rescue is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of the Florida Fire Prevention Code as mandated by Florida Statute 633 and Florida Administrative Code 69A. These functions include, conducting Fire Safety Inspections of new and existing commercial occupancies, licensed facilities such as day cares and nursing homes, and conducting reviews of Development applications and construction plans for code compliance. Fire Prevention also identifies and maps all of the fire hydrants and provides information to the Insurance Services Organization (ISO) for evaluation of the Counties ISO rating.


Business Owner / Manager Information – Information that will help owner / managers comply with the Florida Fire Prevention Code and understand the enforcement process. Includes preparing for inspection, fees, and what happens if you fail to correct a fire code violation.

Contractor Information – The Fire Marshal's Office is a part of the review process for all building permits related to consturction / demolition activites on commercial structures in the unincorporated areas of St. Johns County, and in the City of St. Augustine Beach.

Residential Information – Smoke Detectors and Fire Sprinklers Save Lives. Get the facts for homeowners and builders. Recommended installation and maintenance guidelines.

Insurance Ratings Residential & Commercial – Information for homeowners and insurance companies regarding the closest fire station and hydrant.

Permits & Forms – Includes permit applications and information for Seasonal Fire Works Sales, AED Registration Forms, Fire Review Applications for Multi-Family and Commercial Building Plans, Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinklers, Tent and other Fire Prevention related permits.

Public Education – The Public Education Team provides fire & life safety educational programs for any and all groups that request information relating to our services. Our community-based educational program provides residents with valuable information that could save their lives during a fire incident. Prevention Section staff also develop and coordinate the department’s public education activities. These include offering programs children in kindergarten through 3rd grade, and a Juvenile Firesetter Program specifically developed for high-risk children who have been identified as having set fires or been involved in playing with fire.

Investigations – Investigators work with fire rescue units, fire prevention personnel, and other governmental agencies to prevent injuries and property damage as a result of fires as well as reducing the crime of arson in our community.