Adjusting Text Size

Text size varies depending on the browser and operating system you use. If you wish to adjust your text size, follow the directions for your browser. If you need additional assistance with the site, please email the web team.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer browser.

Click Tools in the upper-right corner.

Hover over Zoom and select a zoom setting to desired font size.

Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge browser.

Click More ... in upper-right corner.

Settings > Appearance > Fonts

Select desired font size.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox browser.

Click Menu in top right corner.

Select Settings > General > Language and Appearance > Zoom

Select desired font size.


Open Opera browser.

Click the Opera icon in the upper-left corner.

Select Settings > Appearance > Font size

Select desired font size.

Google Chrome

Open Chrome browser.

Click Customize and Control Google Chrome in the upper-right corner.

Select Settings > Appearance > Font size.

Select desired font size.

Safari for Mac

Open Safari browser.

In the Apple menu bar, click View.

In drop-down menu, select Zoom in or Zoom out.

iPad or iPhone Mobile

Open Settings > Accessibility > Larger text

Android Mobile

Open Settings > Accessibility > Text and display > Font size

Adjust text size using keyboard only:

To increase text size:
Press Ctrl and + , at the same time.

To decrease the text size:
Press Ctrl and - , at the same time.

To return to the default size:
Press Ctrl and 0 (zero), to reset the text size to the web page default.







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