Pretreatment Division

If each household in St. Johns County kept just one teaspoon of oil from going down the drain per day, we would keep over 70 drums of grease out of our sewers per month!

Pretreatment Program Excellence

The St. Johns County Utilities Pretreatment Department won First Place, nationally and regionally, in The Environmental Protection Agency’s 2008 National Clean Water Act Award for Pretreatment Program Excellence. The Pretreatment Department showed that their program goes above and beyond basic requirements. It is proactive in steps taken to maintain compliance with local, state and national regulations. The staff also helps program customers to do the same.  Violations and wastewater system upsets relating to pretreatment have been kept down to a minimum. Their FOG (fats, oils and greases) Program has proven to be exemplary. Since the programs development they have had no FOG related overflows reported in their system. In addition, their educational and pollution prevention programs are interactive and very effective. The St. Johns County Utilities Pretreatment Department has produced exceptional results that merit national and regional recognition.

Fight F.O.G.!

The St. Johns County Utilities Pretreatment Division asks that we all help fight F.O.G.!

The St. Johns County Utility Department Oil and Grease Management Program is designed to minimize the introduction of fats, oil and grease (FOG) into our wastewater system. Once FOG goes down the drain it becomes an environmental and economical concern for a Utility Department and its customers. The St. Johns County Utility Pretreatment Department is working to minimize the amount of FOG introduced to our sewer systems through monitoring and education.

Restaurants, Auto Service Facilities and Pumpers

This site will provide you with SJC Pretreatment Forms and Permit Applications and a FOG presentation to help educate your staff. You will also find the St. Johns County Oil and Grease Management Ordinance and information that will help you remain in compliance with the regulations in this Ordinance. View the current Ordinance.

St. Johns County Utility Department Customers

Do you know what happens when FOG goes down the drain? Do you know how to safely dispose of FOG? This site provides educational information and some fun activities for your family. There is also a FOG presentation just for kids!

Just For Kids!

Help kids learn about how they can help keep the environment safe from the evil "Grease Beast".






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