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Utility Department Receives Regional Award for Excellence in Planning and Growth Management – The St. Johns County Utility Department was recently awarded the Regional Award for Excellence in Planning and Growth Management by the Northeast Florida Regional Council for their extensive work on the County’s Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP). The award recognizes individuals, organizations, or specific projects with a primary focus on meeting the planning and growth management needs of communities within the Northeast Florida Region. Press Release

The St. Johns County Utilities Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP) Draft is Now Available – Public comment period was held until July 31, 2015. Click to view the Integrated Water Resource Plan in the documents section below.

Regional Water Supply & Sustainability

St. Johns County Utility Department is taking a proactive approach to long range water supply planning and is in the process of developing an Integrated Water Resource Plan (IWRP). The plan will evaluate the County's water supply and demand management alternatives as well as the implementation strategies associated with the selected solutions. The results of the Plan will provide a road map for the County to implement short-term and long-term water supply solutions through the 2040 time frame and ensures long-term sustainable use for future generations.

Our Goal

Our plan will provide an achievable, long term strategy to meet current and future water needs. The goals of the IWRP are to sustainably and cost-effectively address local and regional water supply and demand issues, reflect community values, and adapt to changing conditions.

Our ObjectivesFinding New Alternatives -  Integrated Water Resource Plan

  • Provide a reliable water supply solution
  • Minimize the life cycle costs of providing potable water
  • Provide solutions that are easy to operate and maintain
  • Provide solutions that meet current and future regulations
  • Maximize customer acceptance of water supply solutions
  • Reduce potential impacts to regional water supply constraints
  • Maximize beneficial wastewater reuse
  • Minimize impact on ecosystems
  • Maintain groundwater quality throughout the County
  • Reduce County's Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) obligations
  • Maintain quality of life and positive economic climate
  • Reduce energy footprint for water operations

Steps We Are Taking to Develop Our Plan

  • Define Future Water Needs of the Community – Estimate future water supply needs, identify alternatives, and establish the criteria for when alternatives need to be initiated.
  • Develop an Integrated Model – Build a computer model that can be actively modified as conditions evolve. The model will be an interactive planning tool that will allow Utility staff to modify variables in the decision matrix.
  • Produce a Strategic Plan – Combine our customers' water supply needs with the most appropriate source to help secure a sustainable water supply through the 2040 planning horizon.
  • Involve Stakeholders – Share strategic plan with local stakeholders and the St. Johns River Water Management District and receive feedback so that our long-term water supply plans are consistent with local and regional water supply efforts.

Key Milestones

  • Initial Scope development – Completed January 2014.
  • Host Initial Stakeholder Meeting – Completed February 13, 2014.
  • Develop Model, Evaluate Alternatives, and Preliminary Plan – Completed May 2014. The model development and preliminary plan efforts are underway. The Utility is evaluating several options that best meet the objectives of providing a sustainable drinking water supply to its customers. Preliminary results will be presented to the public at the Stakeholder Workshop.
  • Stakeholder Workshop – Completed June 12, 2014.
  • Publish Draft Plan – Posted for public review and comments until July 31, 2015 (See Documents section, below for Public Draft Plan). Please send comments to
  • Present Final Plan – To be announced.

Public Workshops

Our stakeholders are essential to creating strong, effective planning documents, and we welcome your viewpoint. Workshops were scheduled to weigh concerns about water sustainability, reliability, water quality, conservation, and the County's economic objectives and quality of life, among other issues.





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