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Options to Pay Your Bill

Utility customers are billed monthly and payments are due monthly. Payments may be made in person, by mail, automated phone system, Online Bill Pay, or deposited at one of our conveniently located drop boxes.


Payment Options

  • Automatic Payment Program: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & E-Check
  • By Phone: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & E-Check. Call 1-844-SJCUTIL / 1-844-752-8845.
  • Online Bill Pay is now available! Pay Your Bill Online

Our automated phone system and Online Bill Pay are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to make a payment, check your account balance and payment history.

Rate Information

Establish New Service

You may apply for new water/sewer service by calling Customer Service at (904) 209-2700. A $100.00 deposit is due at the time of application, and a $30.00 new service charge will be added to the first month's bill. New water and sewer service accounts established before noon will be turned on the same day.

Water and/or Wastewater Deposit

Every user of the County Water and/or Wastewater service system shall pay or cause to be paid a deposit of $100.00 as required in County Ordinance 2022-37. A copy of the Ordinance can be viewed at the Utility Department or the Clerk of Court website.

All deposits will be held in an interest bearing account under the Account Holders name with interest paid annually in accordance with County Ordinance.

  1. Interest accruing on a deposit shall be applied annually as a credit to the customer’s account in the January billing cycle following accrual of the interest.
  2. Upon disconnection of service, any interest earned on a deposit which has not previously been credited to the customer’s account, shall be applied toward any unpaid charges, fees and bills. Any remaining interest shall be refunded to the customer.

The County shall refund the customer’s deposit for an account holder who has had continuous service for a period of twelve (12) months and has established a “Good Credit History”. Deposit refunds shall be applied as a credit to the customer’s account for the next billing cycle after the customer has completed 12 months of continuous service and has established a “Good Credit History”. When the credit exceeds the amount of the bill, the balance of the credit shall be applied to the following bill. Upon disconnection and final billing, any deposit held by the County shall be applied towards any unpaid bill. Any remaining balance will be refunded to Account Holder. Good Credit History means that during the preceding (12) consecutive months, a customer (a) Never had service discontinued for delinquent payment; (b) never had a payment returned as uncollected; and (c) had no more than one instance of a delinquent payment of a bill.

Meter Reading & Placement

Right of Way for Meter Reading
It is the customer’s responsibility to supply the Utility Department with clear access to the meter box for reading, maintenance and inspection at all times.

Before Meter Placement or Starting Water Service
It is very important that all valves and faucets both inside and outside the home be turned off prior to meter placement. This is necessary to prevent possible water damage. The County will not be responsible for water damage due to valves left on prior to unlocking or installing a meter.

Service Charges

Common cases where service charges may be applied to your account.

  • There will be a $30.00 service charge on your first bill when you open an account. We will subtract your final bill from your deposit, if any and send a refund or a bill whatever the case may be.
  • $45.00 due when a meter is locked or removed due to a returned check.
  • $45.00 due when a meter is unlocked or replaced after a delinquent bill has been “paid in full”.
  • $50.00 due for each additional meter reading requested by the customer.
  • $100.00 due when service is required or requested after normal business hours or on weekends or holidays

Other Service Charges may apply as indicated in Ordinance 2022-37.

Payment Policies

  • All bills are mailed monthly to all customers of the Utility Department. Failure to receive a statement shall not relieve a customer from the duty to timely pay the rates and charges on their account.
  • IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A BILL, PLEASE CONTACT OUR OFFICE at (904) 209-2700, Press Option 4.
  • For non-payment in full of any bill for a period of thirty (30) days, a notice will be mailed to the customer. If payment is not received upon due date of such notice your meter is subject to being pulled and service discontinued as required by County Ordinance 2022-37.
  • Should your account become delinquent and collection efforts become necessary, the account holder will be responsible for the entire bill plus 35% for collection cost. The minimum collection fee will be no less than $45.00.

Close an Account/Discontinue Service

Customers may apply for Disconnection of Service in person at the Utility department, by phone at (904) 209-2700, or via fax, mail or email. If request is not made in person, an additional form of identification such as customer's Social Security Number or Driver's License Number is required. See Applications on this site for printable forms.






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Water conservation tip: Check your garden hose for leaks at the connection to the spigot. If it leaks, replace the hose washer and insure a tight connection using pipe tape and a wrench.