Utility Department

The St. Johns County Utility Department is responsible for the reading, billing and collection of approximately 50,000 service connections. It also administers and coordinates utility status management reporting, reviews engineering drawings, construction management and performs inspections and surveys for new construction.

The Department’s Principal Responsibilities are:

Water Treatment

This program is responsible for the treatment and delivery of drinking water. The Water Treatment Division maintains 9 water treatment facilities throughout the county with a total capacity of 31.18 million gallons per day. The water division is also responsible for maintaining supply wells, water storage tanks, booster stations, and elevated storage tanks for water distribution.

Wastewater Treatment & Disposal

This program is responsible for the treatment and disposal of domestic wastewater and landfill leachate for the protection of the environment. The wastewater division maintains 9 treatment facilities throughout the County, 7 of these provide reuse water to common landscape areas of major developments and area golf courses. The total capacity of these facilities is 14.02 million gallons per day.

Learn more about our Anastasia Island Wastewater Treatment Facility

Transmission & Distribution

This program is responsible for repairs and maintenance to over 1,483 miles of water, sewer, and re-use lines throughout the County. This section installs new water and sewer pipe lines in order to reach out and serve new customers. We are also responsible for after hours emergency calls and respond to daily requests for locating and marking our underground infrastructure.

  • The Inflow/Infiltration (I/I) Reduction Program performs smoke testing and flow testing to detect sanitary sewer system defects. To learn more visit Smoke Testing.

Lift Stations & Lines

This program is responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 380 sewer pump stations throughout the county, as well as all electrical and mechanical repairs at the well fields, water and wastewater treatment plants.


This program is responsible for engineering design reviews and construction inspection of all proposed developments/subdivisions and county utility expansion projects and is the principal contact for developers, consulting engineering firms and contractors regarding water and wastewater utilities. The program also develops and manages all utility department capital improvement programs and reviews and processes FDEP and FDOT permit applications.

  • Key Improvement Projects Tour – Tour these key capital improvement projects that support the quality of our water and wastewater services through infrastructure rehabilitation and expansion. Key Improvement Projects Tour

Environmental Laboratory

The St. Johns County Utility Environmental Laboratory (SJCUEL) analyzes samples for the St. Johns County Utility Department to ensure that county entities meet all State and Federal regulations. SJCUEL is a National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) certified laboratory staffed with three employees who strive to produce high quality data. SJCUEL provides quality field and laboratory analysis to protect and enhance the water quality in St Johns County. The laboratory is open from 7:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday and can be reached at (904) 209-2667.

County employees collect samples from wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, monitoring wells, rivers and land application sites. Chemists in the Laboratory (Lab) analyze those samples in the trace metals, nutrients, microbiology, and Wet Chemistry laboratories. In an average year, the Lab analyzes over 10,000 samples. Data from the analyses are validated and stored on a Laboratory Information System. This information forms a database that is used to: Design and operate wastewater treatment plants, enforce industrial waste regulations, formulate plans and action programs to protect and enhance local water bodies, and protect public health.

SJC Utility Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Manual is a summary document that outlines the policies and operational procedures and the laboratory management system associated with work carried out at its permanent facility in St. Augustine.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Training

From the Environmental Laboratory – Just For Kids!

Geographic Information System

The Utility Department uses a Geographic Information System and geographic databases to provide advanced mapping and asset management operations of water, wastewater and reuse systems and infrastructure. Map-based applications provide detailed information of assets, management of preventative maintenance and repair work orders, customer service request management, emergency response, comprehensive planning analysis, complex modeling of hydraulic systems, utility networks, asset condition assessments and capital planning.

Visit our Maps & Apps page for helpful, time saving online services including water advisories, social media, improvement projects, events, services and important information for our customers. St. Johns County Utility Department Online Services and Tools






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Water conservation tip: Check your garden hose for leaks at the connection to the spigot. If it leaks, replace the hose washer and insure a tight connection using pipe tape and a wrench.