South Ponte Vedra One-time Dune Restoration

SPVVB Dune Restoration map and USCAE AOI Graphic with Dune Emphasis
Beach Restoration Map
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Project Details

  • The project extends from approximately one-and-one-third mile north of Guana River Road south to Ocean Villas at Serenata Beach.
  • One-time dune nourishment.
  • Placing an average of 20 cubic yards of sand.
  • The sand will come from an offshore borrow site approximately eight miles offshore.
  • Estimated project life of 12 years.

Funding Details

  • Combination of State, County Tourist Development Tax, and MSTU funds.
  • Fifty percent FDEP Hurricane Matthew funding.
  • MSTU at 4.0 Mils for 10 years.

Current Stage

  • County Real Estate staff is seeking Temporary Construction Easements (63 percent received so far).
  • Obtaining permit for an offshore sand source.
  • Obtaining permit for sand placement onto the beach.
  • Surveyor is processing LiDAR data and survey data.


The conceptual plan for South Ponte Vedra Boulevard oceanfront properties is for a County-directed, one-time placement of an average of 20 cubic yards of sand per linear foot, replacing sand lost primarily due to Hurricanes Matthew and Irma. The sand will come from an offshore borrow source approximately eight miles offshore.

The project will run from approximately one-and-one-third mile north of Guana River Road to the northern boundary of Ocean Villas at Serenata Beach. The new dune will be contoured to maximize durability, and supportive vegetation will be planted to further increase dune resilience.

An Erosion Control Line (ECL) must be established to legally document and fix the boundary between upland property ownership and submerged lands of the state prior to the construction of the beach projects. The current property line is the Mean High Water Line (MHWL). Mean High Water is an established elevation and the MHWL moves with the changes in the contour of the beach. The establishment of an ECL will not take any property from upland owners, but it will prevent future movement of the property line seaward of the ECL. Property seaward of the

ECL will be public beach and upland owner’s access will not be impaired. The ECL process will involve producing maps of the proposed ECL and review by the State’s surveyors, followed by preparations for a required workshop and hearing for the upland property owners. Notices will be mailed to all affected property owners and the meetings will be advertised. The Dune Restoration project and the USACE project will have separate ECLs, with MHWL surveys completed on different dates. Erosion Control Line Information Document

The project will be funded by a combination of State, County Tourist Development Tax, and Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) funds. The State has offered Hurricane Matthew recovery funds to match the local expenditures for dune restoration and the MSTU will levy 4.0 mils (four tenths of one percent) per year for ten years on the taxable value of the properties in the MSTU area to provide partial funding for the local share.

County Real Estate staff is currently seeking Temporary Construction Easements from property owners in the MSTU area. Please contact (904) 209-0760 if you haven’t received your easement. The surveyors are currently processing the LiDAR and surveying data which will be used by the county engineering consultant to produce templates on a lot-by-lot basis. Below is the current schedule:

Permit level design (In Progress)

Summer 2019 – Winter 2019

Fill and borrow permits (In Progress)

Spring 2019 – Winter 2020

Construction easements (In Progress)

Summer 2019 – Winter 2020

Construction documents

Summer 2020 – Winter 2020


Winter 2020 – Summer 2021

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