Environmental Maps

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Bald Eagle Nests
Bald Eagle Nests

This map shows locations of Bald Eagle nests in St. Johns County, including the primary and secondary zone for each nest.

April 7, 2020   |   8½" x 11"   |   2.7MB PDF

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Beach Renourishment Funding Application Map Beach Renourishment Funding Application Map

This map was prepared for the Beach Renourishment Funding Application. It shows several GIS layers including beach access points, public beach parking, area businesses, hotels, residential areas, along with evacuation routes, and aerial imagery. This map also contains a portion of an 1862 Chart of the St. Augustine Harbor, provided by the Library of Congress.

March 1, 2001   |   11" x 17"   |   800K PDF

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Fertilizer Zone Fertilizer Zone

This map shows the Fertilizer Zone defining an area of regulated nitrogen based fertilizers for lawn, turf and golf courses.

February 27, 2018   |   8½" x 11"   |   192K PDF   

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Flood Hazard Map Flood Hazard Map

This map shows FEMA flood zones within St Johns County.

March 29, 2016   |   24" x 36"   |   5.4MB PDF

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Mitigation Basins Mitigation Basins

This map depicts the ecologically based basins for regulatory mitigation review.

December 16, 2003   |   8½" x 11"   |   2.8MB PDF 

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Northeast Florida Blueway  Phase 1
Northeast Florida Blueway  Phase 2
Northeast Florida Blueway

These two maps are part of St. Johns County's proposal for grant funds from the state's Florida Forever Project. This project preserves Florida's blueways, and lands supporting the natural and scenic rivers, creeks and marshes of Florida. Due in part to these and other maps, each of St. Johns County's two proposals scored the highest possible points in the grant rankings. The results of these projects can be seen in recent and future acquisitions by FDEP and SJRWMD, including the 8,465 acre Matanzas Marsh purchase.

Phase I – July 1, 2002   |   24" x 36"   |   2.3MB PDF
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Phase II – July 5, 2001   |   24" x 36"   |   2MB PDF
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Surface Water Basins Surface Water Basins

This map illustrates the major and minor surface water basins within St. Johns County.

July 6, 2005   |   24" x 36"   |  5.5MB PDF

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Surface Water Basins & Terrain Surface Water Basins & Terrain

This map shows the surface water basins and surface terrain elevations within St. Johns County.

August 2, 2006   |   24" x 36"   |   2.5MB PDF

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Wind Borne Debris Regions Wind Borne Debris Regions

This map illustrates the wind-borne debris regions and the wind speeds associated with them.

March 8, 2012   |  8½" x 11"   |   1.5MB PDF

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The GIS Division can print these maps for you in a variety of sizes or copy them to a CD for a small fee.