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County Complex Map
County Complex

This map depicts the St. Johns County Government Complex, with buildings, offices and parking zones labeled.

February 18, 2015   |   8½" x 11"   |   490K PDF

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Geodetic Control Network Geodetic Control Network

This map illustrates the St. Johns County and Woolpert Geodetic Control Network, including all survey monuments.

July 15, 2004   |  24" x 36"   |   847K PDF   

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Historical Aerial Index Historical Aerial Index

This map illustrates the index that is used to reference areas of the county when ordering historical aerials. To order historical aerials of St. Johns County, contact: St. Johns County LMS Dept., 500 San Sebastian View St. Augustine, FL 32084 Phone: (904) 209-0760 Email:

November 4, 2003   |  24" x 36"   |   2.67MB PDF 

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Impact Fee Zones Impact Fee Zones

This map depicts the impact fee zones located within the county.

May 1, 2005   |  8½" x 11"   |   594K PDF 

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Library Service Areas Library Service Areas

This is a map of the general service areas of each library branch. Library patrons choose a "home branch" but may use any or all branches of the library system.

August 23, 2019   |  24" x 36"   |  2.2MB PDF

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St. Johns County Parcels St. Johns County Parcels

This map depicts parcels owned and managed by St. Johns County. Parcels are shaded by use to assist in reviewing.

January 5, 2011   |   24" x 36"   |   1.7MB PDF

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Ponte Vedra MSD Ponte Vedra MSD

This map depicts the Ponte Vedra Municipal Service District (MSD) boundary.

October 15, 2019    |  11" x 17"   |   796K PDF

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St. Augustine South Lighting District St. Augustine South Lighting District

This map depicts the St. Augustine South Lighting District, a special assessment district for providing street lighting.

May 1, 2004   |   8½" x 11"   |   342K PDF

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Utility Service Areas Utility Service Areas

This map depicts the water and wastewater public and private utility service areas within St. Johns County. This map is designed by the St. Johns County Utility Department.

March 5, 2018 

Vilano Beach Lighting District Vilano Beach Lighting District

This map depicts the Vilano Beach Lighting District, a special assessment district for providing street lighting.

May 2, 2006   |   8½" x 11"   |   226K PDF

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Waste Collection Zones Waste Collection Zones

This map shows the Waste Collection Boundaries which are serviced by two franchised providers.

April 21, 2014   |   8½" x 11"   |  1MB PDF

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The GIS Division can print these maps for you in a variety of sizes or copy them to a CD for a small fee.