Foreclosure Intervention Program

House Payment starting to break your back?

We may be able to help…

The St. Johns County Housing & Community Services Division has joined forces with the University of Florida Extension Office, local lenders and non-profit organizations to develop a resource to assist local homeowners who are experiencing difficulty making their monthly mortgage payments.

Too often homeowners ignore the indicators of potential financial crisis until it’s too late to save their homes. This is unfortunate because there are often ways to prevent foreclosure if you don’t wait too long.

Ask yourself, Am I……?
  • Unable to pay bills on time?
  • Having trouble paying for routine maintenance and upkeep?
  • Having to choose which bills to pay?
  • Unable to pay homeowner association fees or property taxes?
  • Using payday loans or pawning valuables?
  • Borrowing money from family and friends?
  • Facing loss of employment or a reduction of hours?
  • Going through a divorce or separation?
  • Dealing with a major illness / injury or death of a spouse?

These factors and many others are symptoms of financial crisis that may lead to foreclosure. Take action before it’s too late.

Reach Out...

St. Johns County Housing & Community Services, the St. Johns Housing Partnership and a consortium of local lenders have banded together to offer assistance to families who find they are facing the ultimate financial crisis-Foreclosure.

Please contact St Johns Housing Partnership to attend a Foreclosure Prevention Education Workshop, to learn what your next steps might be.

St Johns Housing Partnership
525 West King Street
St Augustine, FL 32084
P: 904-819-1266


A representative will contact you within five business days of receipt and direct you the best resource for your situation.