Halloween Fire Safety Tips

trick or treatersTrick-or-Treaters

Costumes: When purchasing costumes, including wigs and props, select only those that are labeled as being flame-resistant or flame-retardant. Remember that costumes, especially those that have long flowing or billowing features, may be easily ignited by candles, cigarettes or other flame sources, risking serious burn injuries to the wearer.

Flashlights: Give children lightweight flashlights to carry, to help them see and be seen. Never allow them to carry candles, which might ignite their costumes or those of other children.

Candle Safety: Remind children to keep away from candles or other flame sources. Make sure they know how to “Stop, Drop, and Roll” if their clothing catches on fire. (Stop immediately, Drop to the ground, covering your face with your hands, and Roll over and over to put out the flames.)

Know the Exits: Tell children who will be attending Halloween parties to look for the exits when they first arrive, and make sure they know at least two ways out.

Home Decorations

Flammable Items: Remember that dried flowers, cornstalks, and crepe paper are all highly flammable. Keep decorations using these materials well away from candles, heaters, or other heat sources.

A Safer Alternative: Consider using small flashlights instead of candles to light up pumpkins. You can also use flashlights or small decorative light bulbs instead of candles for walkway and yard decorations. They are safer for children whose costumes may brush up against them.

Safety First: When decorating make sure that decorations do not block or hide exits.