County Road 2209

Overview of this Study

In 1995 St. Johns County entered into an agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation to provide this new transportation facility. Click for the overview.

Alternatives Public Meeting

The Alternatives Public Meeting was held on August 4, 2005. Details from the meeting are included in the Public Involvement section of this website.

Alignment approved, click here to view.

What areas will be addressed in this study?

St. Johns County is conducting a Preliminary Engineering Study to identify the best alignment within the approved North-South Corridor. This study will ensure that consideration is given to the environmental, community, and cultural resources within the project corridor.

Public Involvement

Public involvement is vital to the success of the study. This web site will be updated periodically, and we invite you to visit often to learn about the alternatives, to follow the progress of the study and to secure your input. Click to read more.

Potential Alternatives

This Preliminary Engineering Study is analyzing a number of Build alternatives within a 1,000-foot wide corridor. Several alternative alignments will be developed and analyzed. These alignments may include segments common to each other, with variations based on minimizing social, environmental, economic or other related impacts, while maximizing the efficiency of the transportation facility. Specific alternatives will be described as they are developed during the course of this project.