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State licensed Inspectors provide prompt inspections of permitted construction activity in St. Johns County. This service ensures that the standards adopted by our community will be maintained, improving building safety, and quality of life for all residents.

  • It shall be the duty of the holder of the building permit or their duly authorized agent to notify the building official when work is ready for inspection. (Excerpt from FBC 109.5)
  • Work shall not be done beyond the point indicated in each successive inspection without first obtaining the approval of the building official. (Excerpt from FBC 109.6)
  • Scheduling, Canceling & Inspection Status


These procedures must be followed to avoid service fees or penalties.

  • A Notice of Commencement must be filed at the courthouse and submitted to Building Department if the project cost is greater than $2500, before any inspections can be scheduled.
  • The Permit Card and Notice of Commencement must be posted on site.
  • The Construction Documents reviewed by Building Services must be available on site at the time of inspection and kept in good condition.
  • The permit holder must provide safe access to work being inspected and not cover or conceal components requiring inspection.
  • All construction must comply with the required set of Construction Documents, the Florida Building Code, Land Development Code and all other applicable laws.
  • A final inspection must be made after all the work required by your permit is completed. It is unlawful to occupy any building before a Certificate of Occupancy/Completion has been issued.

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